Do you remember the super smart Artificial Intelligence (AI) Jarvis shown in the movie Iron man from marvel studios which can do all the tasks just through voice instructions from Iron man? Do you want to talk to your dead parents or closer ones through a device which will exactly imitate them?

I know these stuffs sound so weird and only seems to be possible in sci-fi movies and in a crazy man’s imagination! Different people might see this from different perspective but with the advent of Artificial Intelligence through devices such as — Alexa, Siri, Google Home and Cortana…

How Quarantine brought me into Data science and how I became a Kaggle 3x Expert.

It all started during the beginning of the lockdown when I finally had enough time to do the things I really wanted to do for a long time. I was looking for resources to learn in depth Machine Learning for my Undergrad final year research work. I also started watching videos from the Standford Machine Learning course by Andrew NG. At that time, I only had some basic idea about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. My University was also providing opportunity to do some free…

Decision trees are commonly used for classification and regression problems in machine learning. In short, they learn a hierarchy of if/else questions, which eventually allows them to reach into a decision. These questions are more like the questions we ask in a game of 20 questions. Let’s imagine, we want to differentiate four animals such as — bears, hawks, penguins and dolphins. Your target is to find the answer by asking as few as if/else questions possible. We can start by asking whether the animals has feathers, this question narrows down the possibility to just two. If the answer is…

In this blog, we will talk about how to apply Linear models to solve classification problems in machine learning. First of all, we will talk about binary classification and then we will move to multi-class classification later.

The mathematical formula for binary classification to make prediction is given below —

ŷ = x[0] * z[0] + x[1] * z[1] + … + x[p] * z[p] + b > 0

The formula is quite similar to the one used in linear regresssion, but here the weighted sum of the features is just returned. The threshold of the predicted value is considered…


Technology has brought radical changes to our lifestyle and the way we think and act. Invention of transistors, diodes and integrated circuits have sped up the progress and gave rise to a new technological era. These technologies which are made using integrated circuits are able to solve our day to day problems and make our life easier and more comfortable. Nowadays, microprocessors and microcontrollers are used to make smart sensor based devices and solutions addressing a specific area or task. These smart solutions are also used in industries to carry out a particular activity more efficiently and productively.


Do you want to build cool robots ? Do robots fascinate and spur your imagination ? Do you have the passion to become a robotics engineer? If you say yes without giving it a second thought, you are at the right place at the right time! Let’s begin!

What is a Robot ?

A robot is a machine programmed by the computer to either move autonomously, i.e, completely on its own without human intervention or controlled remotely to carry out a certain series of tasks or activity. You can watch my tutorial on basic robotics to know more.

Basic Robotics…

Although I believe that I am an ambivert, i.e,somewhere in between Introvert and Extrovert,but to most people I might seem to be a really Introvert guy. Being Introvert seems to be a new trend nowadays, but to us it’s a ninja technique for avoiding unwanted people in our life and to invest in things which we really want to do. It is true that introverts are not comfortable in all social situations. It seems that we have a generation gap with our own generation, but that’s not always true.We simply enjoy our own company and love ourselves to the fullest.

Salman Ibne Eunus

AI/ML/Data Scientist|Robotics Engineer|ML&Deep Learning Engineer|Kaggle Master|AI Researcher

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