A basic guide to become a Robotics Engineer in Bangladesh

Do you want to build cool robots ? Do robots fascinate and spur your imagination ? Do you have the passion to become a robotics engineer? If you say yes without giving it a second thought, you are at the right place at the right time! Let’s begin!

What is a Robot ?

A robot is a machine programmed by the computer to either move autonomously, i.e, completely on its own without human intervention or controlled remotely to carry out a certain series of tasks or activity. You can watch my tutorial on basic robotics to know more.

Basic Robotics Tutorial

How I became interested in robotics ?

Let me tell you my own story of how I got introduced to the thrilling world of robots and how a mere hobby turned into a passion.

During mid 2016, my elder brother who is also a computer engineer was suggesting me to visit a school at Dhaka called The Tech Lab to learn robotics. I knew little about robotics and programming back then and did not show much interest as I was also busy with University admission test. During spring 2017, I started my Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering at Brac University and again my elder brother reminded me to visit The Tech Lab.

So, I finally decided to visit The Tech Lab one evening with almost no idea of what I am going to experience there. The Tech Lab’s headquarter was at Niketan at that time. So I went there and met a brilliant man named — Neloy Hossain Anik who was taking classes of some school going kids. Initially, he looked like a weird guy to me with large curly hair more like a scientist busy in making inventions and has little or no interest in other worldly matters! I later came to know that he is the founder of The Tech Lab.

The children were working with some sorts of circuits and was doing some code in their computer to light up LEDs and was doing other cool stuffs using sensors like Light Dependent Resistors(LDRs), Infra Red(IR), sonar, etc. Another group of kids were busy making computer games. I sat in one corner and silently watched them with absolutely no idea about what they are up to.

I had a paradigm shift that day. I felt like I have found my passion which I can pursue throughout my life. From that day onwards I did classes at The Tech Lab for a whole year where I gradually learnt how to use circuits and electronic sensors and how to write code in arduino to build a complete robot. I also learnt processing which is a Java based platform to create games and visual arts. It was really fascinating to me because I could see the result of my code instantly and could make a robot or a character in a game move as per my command. The first complete robot I made at The Tech Lab was an obstacle avoiding robot using a sensor called sonar which can avoid obstacle and move.

Little did I knew at that time how working in these small projects will build the foundation of something much bigger. I was a part of an apprenticeship programme at The Tech Lab where I leant robotics completely free of cost but I had to contribute to the cause of The Tech Lab in return. So, I started taking classes of children after sometime and got involved with some research projects like Durbar which enhanced my robotics knowledge and experience immensely. I was very much impressed by The Tech Lab’s dream to create a new generation of tech innovators who can solve their own problems with technology and welcomes all group of people with a tagline — “Engineering For Everyone”. I understood that it is not just a startup, it is a dream to make skilled worker to prepare Bangladesh for the upcoming technological revolution. I unknowingly became a part of this dream and still uphold that dream.

Later I worked in many big robotics projects in Brac University and participated in many national and international robotics competitions which helped me to add some wonderful projects and experiences in my resume. I am really grateful to the almighty that I found a school like this when I needed the most.

Bracu Charioteer, a robotic wheelchair for differently abled people during GPH ISPAT ESHO ROBOT BANAI at Channel I studio

During 2015, when The Tech Lab started, they were the first Engineering Education for children in the country but over time many tech startups also emerged and are doing good in making a new generation who are technologically skilled.

You can find a list of other schools in the link below —

I shared my experience in the field of robotics through this article so that people who are interested in robotics can relate and know how to start their journey. If you want to know further on how to start or for any sort of guidance, you can also contact me through Facebook or Linkedin through the links provided below —

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